List of Major Products dealts by us:

1. Dealers of Greenply Industry Ltd. products:

    a. Greenply, Green Optima, Green Ecotec Ply & Board
    b. Green Shutteringply, Green Flush door
    c. Greenlam Laminate (1.0mm & 1.5mm)
    d. Greentouch Laminate (0.8mm)
    e. Green Decowood Veneer 
    f. Green Panelmax MDF
    g. NewMika Laminate
    h. Green Compact Laminate & Cubicles

2. Dealers of Century Plyboards India Ltd. products:

    a. Century Laminate
    b. Century Sainik Ply
    c. Century Pre-laminate Particle Board & Mdf
    d. Century Veneer

3. Dealers of Sarda Ply Industry Pvt. Ltd.  products:

    a. Puma Ply & Board
    b. Duromac Ply & Board (PF & MR Grade)
    c. Duro shutteringply, Flush door (PF & Fire Resistance door)
    d. Duro Veneer 

4. Dealers of S.A. Industry products:

   a. Globe Ply & Boards (PF & MR Grade)
   b. Globe Film Face (25 Kg. & 30 Kg.) 
   c. Globe Flush door
   d. Globe Fire Retardent Flushdoor and Ply Laminate

5. Dealers of Mayur Ply Industries Pvt. Ltd. products:

   a. Mayur Gold Ply & Board (PF & MR Grade)
   b. Mayur Film- Face Shutteringply & Flushdoor
   c. Mayur decorative Veneer

6.  Distributors of Alstrong Enterises Pvt. Ltd. products:

    a. Alstrong ACP 1.5mm Acp Interior
    b. Alstrong ACP 3mm Acp Extrior & Interior
    c. Alstrong ACP 4.0mm & 4.5 mm Exterior & Interior

7. Dealing in Gypsum India Products:

    a. Gypsum Baord
    b. Gypsum Fittings
    c. Gypsum Ceiling (2 x 2)
    d. Gypsum MR Board (Moisture & Fire Retardent Board)
8. Dealers of Kitply Industry Ltd. products:

    a. Kitply Gold & PF Ply & Board
    b. Kitply Vista Ply & Board (MR Grade)

9. Dealers of Durian products:

    a. Durian Laminate (1.0mm,0.8mm & 0.7mm)
    b. Durian Veneer
    c. Durian Door Skin (Laminated & wooden)

10. Dealing in Eternet E-Board and E-Board Classic Ceiling Tiles.

11. Daling in Wooden flooring of Square Foot Brand.

12. Dealing in Hilux Board made by M/s. Ramco India Ltd.

13. Acp made by Aludecor and Alstone.

14. Ceiling products of Armstrong, Kitply make.

15. Burma, C.P., Sal, Kapoor, Pine and harwood wood, leaping and moulding bits.

16. Laminate sheet of Royal Touch, Formica, Merino, Amul Mica, Delta, Sunmica and leading other brands.

17. Commercial and MR Grade (ISI and ISO) Ply, Shutteringply, Film-Face Ply, Flushdoor and Board.

18. Bison Board and Ceiling products of M/s. NCL Industries Ltd.

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